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It’s Important to Review Your Policy Every 3-5 Years Because…

  • Potential for underfunded policies.
  • Interest and financial market changes.
  • Verify financial strength of insurance company.
  • Regulatory changes to state and/or federal estate tax laws.
  • New efficiencies in product pricing.
  • Loans, withdrawals, or other policy changes.

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Simply Fill Out a One-Page Form & In Just a Few Short Weeks, You’ll Receive a Report That…

  • Gathers Data
  • Compares Policy Performance
  • Verifies Company Stability
  • Verifies Ownership and Beneficiary
  • Designations
  • Reviews Health Rating
  • and Analyzes Marketplace

Kenya Ballard

Financial Professional

About Your Insurance Auditor

Kenya Ballard is very person centered when it comes to life insurance for individuals and families. She examines not only their apparent needs, but also identifies opportunities based on their unique situation.

About Brighton Insurance Services

Here’s Who We Are & What We Believe:

Brighton Insurance Services specializes in life insurance for individuals and families. Our mission is to provide the most effective solutions possible for our clients’ unique needs and opportunities.

We deliver innovative solutions for the enhancement, retention and protection for our clients. We apply our unique expertise to provide the kind of fully personalized planning required by our rarefied clientele.

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